Mice in Town for the Town Mouse

29th of April 2017

Yesterday we celebrated April birthdays with some seriously delicious feasting at The Town Mouse in Carlton.

It was so nice to be back with the hipsters and the academics. And I must go back soon for Ti Amo pasta and bread with the cool kids.

Lunch a was delicious and a real treat.

Oysters came with a vinaigrette granita. They were Tasmanian oysters and delicious, and cold. Very importantly cold. The granita made them colder which I thought was a clever little trick because oysters that aren’t cold give me the serious creeps.

Whipped cod roe with Radishes. It was so beautifully and simply presented and the cod roe was the perfect salty dressing to the crunchy little radishes.

Raw king fish came with zucchini and lovage (which I googled and is a perennial plant).

The fennel and calamari salad was a little heaped pile of treasure with a buttermilk dressing. I loved it. I wish I could make it.

We had the John Dory which had a buttery maple syrup dressing along with sugar snaps and a roasted cabbage that was quite literally one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. Slow roasted with prunes, apple and Parmesan. It was like a cabbage cauliflower cheese for grown ups.

We then had sheep’s milk blue cheese (can you believe we could squish it into our full little bellies!?) with cold brew coffee and I quite simply could have sat in there eating for the rest of the week.





Fish stew and red wine

28 April 2017

31 was excellent. The day of turning 31.

There’s a hood in Geelong I don’t really know, but there’s nothing like discovering a hood that’s new. So given it’s the new location of one of my BFF we set about eating and drinking it.

We settled into Bistro Plume where we shared a new Live Wire Pinot Noir with chicken liver parfait, blue cheese and figs and honey and then fish stew. (Which was a 10/10 and surrounded by fennel and beans and tomato and dill.) A special birthday chocolate fondant with vanilla bean ice cream topped it all off in a very lip smacking kinda way. The blue cheese and honey was especially delicious. I think because the honey was just right.

Richie cooked us all pasta for dinner and we sat around the fire switching quickly between laughing and story telling and snoozing and snuggling. The perfect type of April 27 night.

The gang asked what I would do for 31, I told them I would blog every day. They laughed and thought  loudly to themselves “ANOTHER FREAKIN’ BLOG?!” which I could hear.

Just the inspiration I needed…

Pizza Bar

Pizza Bar opened a year after we had left lovely West Town Geelong and this little lass thinks it is to be applauded for contributing to the ‘cool’ (I’m sure an extremely uncool word) vibe of Pakington Street.
Lad and I went for date night on a warmish Summer night last week, but I had been there not so long ago with my family. When I went with La Famiglia we needed some good Italian loving (after visiting a sick friend) and it provided the warm and relaxed space which when combined with pizza and wine eased some heart ache. I don’t think just everywhere can do this.
Lad and I agreed that it will be an excellent Winter date night, it’s particularly cosy and intimate and with the glow of the wood fired oven, rather WARM.
Our pizzas were great, the bases are perfect, simple, and importantly (well I think importantly) thin. We had ‘the free range chicken pizza’, with chicken, lemon, bacon, sage and pine nuts and ‘the shaved proscuitto’ with prosciutto, tomato, chilli, fior de latte, roquette and anchovy oil. We also had the white anchovy salad, with shaved fennel, fresh orange, white balsamic and black pepper dressing. The salad had a few too many anchovies, but that was my fault- I ordered it to accompany the pizza and it should be a treat to be had on it’s own. The “Pasta Bar Board” was empty, but I suppose you should really be having pizza at ‘Pizza Bar’ anyway.

Pizza Bar is at 240 Pakington Street Geelong West.

But WHY Geelong?

A few years ago, I’m sure this was a justified question. These days, it’s a simple lame response of “but why NOT?”

This Lass and her Lad returned to the home of the Victorian beaches for a few reasons, its proximity to the coast a crucial consideration and the short drive to our families another. We knew (all the way from Darwin) thanks to the regular stalking of social media that it’s coffee culture was getting cool (King of the Castle deserves a MEDAL for their Instagram excellence) but we had no idea just HOW cool.

Coming to my little excited taste bud driven mind right now are a few favorites:

The Dirty Rascal and King of the Castle are cool friendly spaces with delicious staple store porridge, croissants and hipster staff, not to mention macrame gold fish. We miss ‘She’s a Wildflower’ there, but she’ll be a treat in our flower dreams again.

The Geelong West Social Club has been in our lives for approximately three weeks, and is already looking like it really is the place to go to be social, fed and caffeine watered.

Geelong Fresh Foods of course provides a mecca of inspiration when the eating and treating is to be had at home.

Born and Bread Bakehouse is like a real life lolly shop for grown up Lassies (except for those on the Atkins diet of course). But you should just join the cool kids in the lolly shop and trash that diet.

Tulip is a BEAUTIFUL treat that you would travel miles on a unicorn for.

The Bloody Mary at Zigfrids?! Well why WOULD you go anywhere else? (It’s got CLAMATO JUICE, CLAMATO!)

There’s more more and more to come, which is why it was necessary to start jotting down the thoughts of eating and treating in and around Geelong, it’s far too exciting not to share.

O. xX