Josef Chromy

It’s a lucky girl who spent her childhood summers by the beach on the North East Coast of Tasmania. School teachers didn’t believe it was where you had really been when you came back to term one as brown as a berry, and the water may indeed be a little chilly but we missed Tasmania and it’s treats, eats, green grasses and driftwood when Territory living.

So a week between nursey-pursey career pathways (I’m swapping private hospital vests for public hospital scrubs) and school holidays for R meant that there are seven whole days for Tasmanian Time! (Yipppppeeeeeeee.)

The itinerary is very food, family, friend, food and wine focused.

When we landed on Sunday, after a beautiful wedding at Trunk the night before (the mineral water on the Jetstar flight was guzzled.) We were taken to lunch at the Josef Chromy restaurant. What a TREAT.

The space is beautiful, looking out to the vines I felt that I was in one of the beautiful Margaret River wineries, the sun was shining and the water off the lake was absolutely sparkling, people were wandering around the gardens and there were people with small people picnicking on the lawns.

The wait staff made us feel welcome and balanced formality and chill exceptionally.

We shared a bottle of the Josef Chromy Pinot Gris, which was dry, crisp and reasonably priced (but I won’t pretend to be a wine guru just yet.)

I had three Angassi oysters, which I really do think were the best oysters I have ever had. They were perfectly shucked, freezing cold, juicy and plump and served on a bet of salt with thyme and lemon. The walnut bread with unsalted house made butter was simple and beautiful.

I had the baked market fish, which was Trevally. It was served with a warm cider emulsion, mussels, leeks, apple, hazelnut, ginger and pearl barley. It was so perfect and a fresh and satisfying combination of flavours, the pickled ginger was the ingredient that brought the flavours together.

R had the Miso glazed Trout, which was served with autumn roots, a slow egg, forbidden rice and chicken broth, when asked he states it “was delicious” when asked to elaborate he informs me it was “clean and simple.”

We shared the warm carrot cake, which was served with warm butter sauce, leatherwood honey, white chocolate and orange marmalade. It was also exceptional. The coffee was the only thing that wasn’t perfect, but that’s ok because we are Melbourne coffee creeps so all soy lattes and short blacks served outside Victoria are under what is probably too harsh scrutiny.

This amazing lunch started a beautiful week of eating and treating in my mother’s motherland and I think may have sparked a dangerous (but delightful) ritual of lunch at Josef Chromy when you land in Launceston after what seems to be a 45 second flight from Melbourne.

Josef Chromy: 370 Relbia Road. Relbia Tasmania.

*There are no photos because I was far too busy gobbling and guzzling. I solemnly swear to improve on this rather crucial element to food blogging…*


Two Little Birds

Located at 46B Roslyn Road in Belmont there lies a secret behind a door. With beautiful clothes (including Ridley, Fleur Wood, Morrison, Bella Dahl, Steele, Bohemian Luxe and Lili Robusti) the shop is oozing colour, style, luxe and loving. Walk through the beautiful clothing, jewels and homewares and you’ll find a warm and comfortable space for coffee, breakfast, juice lunch and chats.

There are sandwiches/baguettes/muffins and daily made salads (etc) to take away or have in. The fridge is also laden with beautiful looking raw cakes.There’s a lovely hand written menu to have in if you are lucky enough to have a sneaky spare moments with a lovely pal just as I did. The menu features staples such as Eggs and Bacon with local bread, and fresh easy eating such as beautiful rice paper rolls.

We had the Zucchini Fritters, (which were a wee bit floury) but a bite was added with the horseradish cream and smoked salmon. The soy latte was hot but not bad (we are getting spoilt with good coffee finally, yippee!). There are  plenty of thirst quenching alternative drink options. The staff are gorgeous and friendly and it was a treat to eat at the secret behind the door.