Fish stew and red wine

28 April 2017

31 was excellent. The day of turning 31.

There’s a hood in Geelong I don’t really know, but there’s nothing like discovering a hood that’s new. So given it’s the new location of one of my BFF we set about eating and drinking it.

We settled into Bistro Plume where we shared a new Live Wire Pinot Noir with chicken liver parfait, blue cheese and figs and honey and then fish stew. (Which was a 10/10 and surrounded by fennel and beans and tomato and dill.) A special birthday chocolate fondant with vanilla bean ice cream topped it all off in a very lip smacking kinda way. The blue cheese and honey was especially delicious. I think because the honey was just right.

Richie cooked us all pasta for dinner and we sat around the fire switching quickly between laughing and story telling and snoozing and snuggling. The perfect type of April 27 night.

The gang asked what I would do for 31, I told them I would blog every day. They laughed and thought  loudly to themselves “ANOTHER FREAKIN’ BLOG?!” which I could hear.

Just the inspiration I needed…


Pizza Bar

Pizza Bar opened a year after we had left lovely West Town Geelong and this little lass thinks it is to be applauded for contributing to the ‘cool’ (I’m sure an extremely uncool word) vibe of Pakington Street.
Lad and I went for date night on a warmish Summer night last week, but I had been there not so long ago with my family. When I went with La Famiglia we needed some good Italian loving (after visiting a sick friend) and it provided the warm and relaxed space which when combined with pizza and wine eased some heart ache. I don’t think just everywhere can do this.
Lad and I agreed that it will be an excellent Winter date night, it’s particularly cosy and intimate and with the glow of the wood fired oven, rather WARM.
Our pizzas were great, the bases are perfect, simple, and importantly (well I think importantly) thin. We had ‘the free range chicken pizza’, with chicken, lemon, bacon, sage and pine nuts and ‘the shaved proscuitto’ with prosciutto, tomato, chilli, fior de latte, roquette and anchovy oil. We also had the white anchovy salad, with shaved fennel, fresh orange, white balsamic and black pepper dressing. The salad had a few too many anchovies, but that was my fault- I ordered it to accompany the pizza and it should be a treat to be had on it’s own. The “Pasta Bar Board” was empty, but I suppose you should really be having pizza at ‘Pizza Bar’ anyway.

Pizza Bar is at 240 Pakington Street Geelong West.

Three Little Figs

Our foodie friends are always raving about Three Little Figs. My only reluctance in believing them was it’s funny location, I watched the building that Three Little Figs lives in be built and feel some ridiculous and inappropriate dislike to the new site that takes up the corner.

Three Little Figs at 240 Pakington Street in Geelong West proves my petty little building dislike well and truly unworthy.

We went for a recent Saturday breakfast and it was an absolute treat.

I was tossing up between the granola and the Bircher muesli and the gorgeous and friendly waitress suggested the Bircher. Not only was it the prettiest thing I ever did see with colourful flowers that made my day; it was also absolutely and undoubtedly delicious. Creamy and fresh with lots of apple, nuts and seeds it was the perfect start. The soy latte was perfect. Lad had eggs and bacon (poached, with Tabasco) which he said were perfect, and although rather boring it’s always reassuring when somewhere can do some eggs and bacon perfectly?

I can’t wait to go back, it will just be hard trying anywhere new when we have to see my ‘old friend’ the ‘new building’ on our way anywhere else.

Two Little Birds

Located at 46B Roslyn Road in Belmont there lies a secret behind a door. With beautiful clothes (including Ridley, Fleur Wood, Morrison, Bella Dahl, Steele, Bohemian Luxe and Lili Robusti) the shop is oozing colour, style, luxe and loving. Walk through the beautiful clothing, jewels and homewares and you’ll find a warm and comfortable space for coffee, breakfast, juice lunch and chats.

There are sandwiches/baguettes/muffins and daily made salads (etc) to take away or have in. The fridge is also laden with beautiful looking raw cakes.There’s a lovely hand written menu to have in if you are lucky enough to have a sneaky spare moments with a lovely pal just as I did. The menu features staples such as Eggs and Bacon with local bread, and fresh easy eating such as beautiful rice paper rolls.

We had the Zucchini Fritters, (which were a wee bit floury) but a bite was added with the horseradish cream and smoked salmon. The soy latte was hot but not bad (we are getting spoilt with good coffee finally, yippee!). There are  plenty of thirst quenching alternative drink options. The staff are gorgeous and friendly and it was a treat to eat at the secret behind the door.

Pane di Matteo

There’s a little Porter Avenue in Highton that’s home to a cool new and deserving ‘word on the street’  bakery.

Pane di Matteo has a beautiful but industrial feel to it and the show is stolen most certainly by edible goods. There’s a wall of great looking breads, a match for every meal. Cannoli is made to order with fresh Ricotta filling and the coffee (organic Vittoria) looked like a more than suitable accompaniment to both the Cannoli and the beautiful Italian Biscotti.

I took a Baguette home (which was excellent) but in hindsight should have been more adventurous as the olive bread really did look marvelous. I’ll be back though, and feeling more and more pleased trips down the highway for good food and produce are become less and less needed.

Pane di Matteo: 12 Porter Avenue Highton




Being social in Geelong West

Lass and Lad love the idea of community, but they often find that the reality of making new friends and becoming a part of a community is some times much harder and scarier than the delightful, romantic blossom filled idea appears.

SO, it was with great thrill and excitement that we discovered the opening of the gorgeous and groovy “Geelong West Social Club” a few weeks ago (made even more exciting by it’s two minute distance from home). You’ll find Ross and Mia at 1B Yuille Street in Geelong West making excellent and delicious coffee, bagels and daily treats. There is Chai Boy Tea, Coffee Supreme and precious hand blended Modern Tea just for you to have in or take home, there’s also beautiful Jam Lady Jam available. And JUST when you think it can’t get any better, you’ll discover the sparkling water on tap, ON TAP!

I can hear your thought bubbles wondering what more coffee talk and sparkling water excitement has to do with friendship making and community bonding. Well; the thing is that this beautiful little space truly, really is a social club. It’s a friendly and welcoming space where you do feel like your making friends and where you don’t feel like the new kid on the block. You’ll bump previously made friends here,  who also loves the joyfulness and non judging of this excellent new addition to the hood and you can all sit around together and really feel welcome in the hood.

Where do the wildflowers grow?

When this little lass lived in the land of the never never she missed two things dearly (apart from her lovely loved ones of course). These two things had previously been taken for (stupid) granted and were: a good (bon) soy latte and a beautiful florist.

There were indeed beautiful tropical flowers splattered around the market places and frangipani trees lining the streets whilst littered with those pretty little flowers (sounds rather blissful really). However, there were no tasteful, treat supplying, awe-inspiring florists.

So it was with great excitement that a fateful email put this lass in touch with beautiful Alice from ‘She’s a Wildflower.’ Alice has the most beautiful of styles and does it with friendly sass. She hosted a floral garland lesson for a precious bride and did it perfectly.

This Valentines day I requested a trendy terrarium for my lad from Alice. I nearly cried with delight at its beauty. She delivered to the door, in a beautiful box with a red rose and lad loves his terrarium and its beautiful Deer and ladybird tenants.

Alice can be found on Instagram and Facebook and you won’t regret seeking this talented wildflower out and discovering her treats.