WHO: Three little pigs who once lived in the tropical land of the Northern Territory. They get together (away from their homes so no one is required to clean and clean and entertain) to feast, swim, adventure and bubble.

WHERE: Brunswick Heads.

WHY: Because Byron is fantastic but too busy. Caught in the hustle and bustle of where to eat, which ‘insta celeb’ that actually is and most shockingly stuck in traffic; we decided these distractions were not necessary and that a change of scenery and discovery suited us.

*Disclaimer, dining at Fleet also influenced this decision greatly.

SLEEP: We stayed at The Brunswick Heads Motel and when we arrived here, we knew it was going to be a ripper of a holiday. Our family room (room 201), was spacious and clean. The beds comfortable, with beautiful linen. Towels and a daily tidy did not go unnoticed and the icing on the motel cake was the really delicious and inclusive breakfasts. We tucked into tea, toast and avocado and deliberated over tasty tasty toasties. We took full advantage of the supplied bikes (and received multiple comments on their level of hipster) to assess the surf and shop the opps.  The staff were heavenly and full of smiles. They all seemed really proud of the Bruns Motel, and rightly darn so.

Haircut? Oh SURE, why not.

It was well and truly time for the tired old locks of 2016 to leave the building. So after some creeping discovered The Social Alibi. A haircut on holidays seemed like an absolute ingenious idea. And it was! It truly was. I took my  images into Briana, who took one look and feel of my hair and politely vetoed all suggestions. However, she agreed the hair should go and that was really my main holiday concern. The Social Alibi is an environmentally conscious salon, making me realise considerations I had never made. Every towel, drop of water, colour and squirt of beautiful Italian shampoo has as little impact on the environment as possible. And I know this, because Briana really knows this and when I commented on ‘cool towels!’ ‘Beautiful smelling shampoo!’ ‘Great colour!’ It was met with an explanation of why she had decided to have that very towel or colour or shampoo and not only did it really work wonders for both the earth, and my hair. It made me walk out feeling GOOD. Even my long unwanted locks were being sent away to soak up oil spills on the ocean and so little Miss Virtuous bounced out of the salon with her new look.

Say What? Say Fleet?

This trip was very largely (entirely) driven by the beautiful restaurant Fleet.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon for our 4pm booking (following a serious stalking of their bookings calendar to ensure we didn’t miss out – if you want to visit it’s worth creeping the calendar, they book out quickly and it’s very limited seating). To one of the most special, delicious, beautiful and comfortable dining experiences of my little pig life.

Fleet seats 14 and dining commences at 3pm. Reservations are for 3.5 hours. There’s a communal table that fits 10, and a window seat that sits 4. There were two other couples when we dined, and a diner on her own in the window seat. It’s the type of place that she looked just as happy and as comfortable as the rest of us, which I think takes work and is an achievement in itself.

The concrete bar is softened with locally made ceramics and linen. And the space clean cut, beautiful and admittedly rather unexpected on the side street of Bruns.

Astrid’s wine knowledge is delivered in a cool, calm and experienced manner. And Rob looked after us as though we were old friends in his kitchen.

In the kitchen though, the magic happened.

Our afternoon was filled with those foodie moments when you look at each other with eyes filled with ‘but how?’ ‘but why?’ How on earth a warmed oyster, with sheep’s milk yogurt and shaved macadamia can cause such delight is almost a wonder, but at Fleet every sip and every taste is applause worthy.

These lucky little diners feasted and fascinated on:

  • Warm rye and caraway sourdough from the Bread Social at the Farm. Served with house cultured butter that is whipped, burnt to form a caramel layer, and then whipped again.
  • A warmed oyster, with sheep’s milk yogurt and shaved macadamia. Served in the most beautiful and locally made ceramic dish.
  • Smoked mullet, crispy skin, potato and dill. The best chips and dip you ever did and ever going to have.
  • Snapper, beans, crustacean oil and society garlic. Lick the plate clean.
  • Veal sweet bread schnitty sanga. Made with local white sliced and served with an anchovy mayonnaise this is a Fleet specialty and to absolutely no surprise a staff favorite. We nearly signed up for work experience on first bite.
  • Nimbin valley cow blue, with buck wheat, molasses and plum.
  • The most beautiful Black Sapote cake (which is a fruit known as the chocolate pudding fruit) fig leaf blueberry and wild rice.
  • Licorice ice cream, dandelion, onion and shiso.

Dining at Fleet with two precious people was one of those moments where you really realise how incredibly good life is, and how wonderful it can be.

Bruns had us at Hello. And we’ll be back.



Three Little Figs

Our foodie friends are always raving about Three Little Figs. My only reluctance in believing them was it’s funny location, I watched the building that Three Little Figs lives in be built and feel some ridiculous and inappropriate dislike to the new site that takes up the corner.

Three Little Figs at 240 Pakington Street in Geelong West proves my petty little building dislike well and truly unworthy.

We went for a recent Saturday breakfast and it was an absolute treat.

I was tossing up between the granola and the Bircher muesli and the gorgeous and friendly waitress suggested the Bircher. Not only was it the prettiest thing I ever did see with colourful flowers that made my day; it was also absolutely and undoubtedly delicious. Creamy and fresh with lots of apple, nuts and seeds it was the perfect start. The soy latte was perfect. Lad had eggs and bacon (poached, with Tabasco) which he said were perfect, and although rather boring it’s always reassuring when somewhere can do some eggs and bacon perfectly?

I can’t wait to go back, it will just be hard trying anywhere new when we have to see my ‘old friend’ the ‘new building’ on our way anywhere else.

Two Little Birds

Located at 46B Roslyn Road in Belmont there lies a secret behind a door. With beautiful clothes (including Ridley, Fleur Wood, Morrison, Bella Dahl, Steele, Bohemian Luxe and Lili Robusti) the shop is oozing colour, style, luxe and loving. Walk through the beautiful clothing, jewels and homewares and you’ll find a warm and comfortable space for coffee, breakfast, juice lunch and chats.

There are sandwiches/baguettes/muffins and daily made salads (etc) to take away or have in. The fridge is also laden with beautiful looking raw cakes.There’s a lovely hand written menu to have in if you are lucky enough to have a sneaky spare moments with a lovely pal just as I did. The menu features staples such as Eggs and Bacon with local bread, and fresh easy eating such as beautiful rice paper rolls.

We had the Zucchini Fritters, (which were a wee bit floury) but a bite was added with the horseradish cream and smoked salmon. The soy latte was hot but not bad (we are getting spoilt with good coffee finally, yippee!). There are  plenty of thirst quenching alternative drink options. The staff are gorgeous and friendly and it was a treat to eat at the secret behind the door.

Where’s the nearest good coffee AT?

There’s a certain hospital in Geelong that has lovely staff, excellent facilities and TERRIBLE coffee. Whilst certainly a first world problem, it’s one that sets a challenge. This challenge however (which was willingly accepted upon my return from Darwin, where the coffee is generally also terrible) has been an easily solved dilemma thanks to some skills and beans located very nearby.

‘Cartel coffee’ (shop 1,80 Little Malop Street Geelong) is a friendly, cool (but not uncomfortably chic) welcoming space where the coffee is excellent. I’m not an expert so I won’t pretend to be, but from the looks of their bean collections and selections there are plenty of serious options.

Down an alluring alleyway where ‘Leaf Tea’ lives ’10 sq M’ coffee has made a new home. With delicious ‘Born and Bread Bakehouse’ treats (delivered fresh from a basket, I was there this morning to see with my very own eyes and nearly squealed with delight, a real basket delivering real treats!) They also offer some Health Lab eats for those being sensible in between weekends or who really do sincerely love healthy living. Their Sensory Lab coffee is perfect, and whilst they only have one take away (smallish size) option, it’s easy to pop back for another.


*disclaimer, I have used the photos from the above named coffee shops instagrams. I am always in such a frenzied rush to get my hands on my Soy Latte I forget to snap.





But WHY Geelong?

A few years ago, I’m sure this was a justified question. These days, it’s a simple lame response of “but why NOT?”

This Lass and her Lad returned to the home of the Victorian beaches for a few reasons, its proximity to the coast a crucial consideration and the short drive to our families another. We knew (all the way from Darwin) thanks to the regular stalking of social media that it’s coffee culture was getting cool (King of the Castle deserves a MEDAL for their Instagram excellence) but we had no idea just HOW cool.

Coming to my little excited taste bud driven mind right now are a few favorites:

The Dirty Rascal and King of the Castle are cool friendly spaces with delicious staple store porridge, croissants and hipster staff, not to mention macrame gold fish. We miss ‘She’s a Wildflower’ there, but she’ll be a treat in our flower dreams again.

The Geelong West Social Club has been in our lives for approximately three weeks, and is already looking like it really is the place to go to be social, fed and caffeine watered.

Geelong Fresh Foods of course provides a mecca of inspiration when the eating and treating is to be had at home.

Born and Bread Bakehouse is like a real life lolly shop for grown up Lassies (except for those on the Atkins diet of course). But you should just join the cool kids in the lolly shop and trash that diet.

Tulip is a BEAUTIFUL treat that you would travel miles on a unicorn for.

The Bloody Mary at Zigfrids?! Well why WOULD you go anywhere else? (It’s got CLAMATO JUICE, CLAMATO!)

There’s more more and more to come, which is why it was necessary to start jotting down the thoughts of eating and treating in and around Geelong, it’s far too exciting not to share.

O. xX