Who IS Olivia Meg?

A little Taurean lass who grew up high in the hills of the (mostly) green Macedon Ranges. Young girl lass summers were spent on the East Coast of Tasmania where Pippies were collected and summer puddings gobbled. Young adult lass years were spent eating (pasta, a LOT of pasta) and drinking (Carlton Draught, a LOT of Carlton Draught) and studying (Nursing) in Geelong. Little nurse lass moved to big smoke (Melbourne) and turned into older nurse Lass (and you will be pleased, swapped Carlton Draught for Champagne). Lass then headed on a wild adventure to the beautiful Territory of the North with Lad. Darwin held sunshine, monsoons and mud crabs. When it was time to come back to the love of loved ones, Lad and Lass relocated/returned to Geelong, where coffee has got cool, food is delicious and where Geelong is most certainly no longer the dorky cousin of big smoke,  but instead the hipster brother who wants to surf and skate instead of road and rage.


7 thoughts on “Who IS Olivia Meg?

  1. Sarah Ogilvie says:

    Love little lass and big lass and lad ….will follow with interest (I have a very soft spot for Geehole as I was born there!!) xx


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