Tomatoes & Calamari

A few weeks ago, one of our regular patients presented us with an esky of ‘used injections’ that needed binning. After a few moments and bursting at the seams he declared it was not in fact injections at all and that we must promptly investigate the offering…

Inside, was perfectly and beautifully cleaned, cut and packaged calamari. More than enough for all of us, and freshly caught that week. Surrounding these (much more interesting than injection) treats were the most big, luscious and rosy red tomatoes you had ever eyed. Simply smelling them taking you to summer days. Not a insect bite or a worm hole in sight.

After giving it considerable thought throughout the day and multiple tomato sniffs. I came home and made fettuccine with eggs from the girls in the garden. A roasted tomato sauce with sage from the herb patch and threw in precious and lovingly caught calamari at the end.

I’m not sure if it can be considered slow food, but it was good food. Good in every little way possible.



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