Second, not first. 

I’ve decided to change something this winter.

I’ve been very very lucky to grow up in a family where we have big wild winter skiing adventures. We have spent many days together skiing the Australian slopes, and being in the mountains is where I find true peace and clear mountain air clarity.

However, as I’ve been gifted with the “fear” gene my skiing days have also been consumed with “this is so icy you’ll break your neck for sure” “did you see that guy flying past? Totally out of control. Could do some serious damage” “WHO on earth do these maniacs THINK they are?!?” Which in turn has meant my skiing is not as quick nor as smooth as my family. And for nearly 25 years I realise (and yes disclaimer: this is a total first world problem) that I’ve been largely focusing on that.

So what my new 31 year old blogging self is going to do this winter is enjoy being second, enjoy being a slow skier and not wonder wonder wonder when I’m going to be fast – when I’m going to be skilled – when I’ll stop wondering if it’s time for hot chips and lemonade yet. And instead I’m going to be the slow skier who takes in long deep breaths of cold cold air and sees those around her as nice holiday pals rather than dementors with an intent to destroy me and my legs. Because I don’t mind if I don’t come first, as long as my family are there with hot chips and lemonade by the time I eventually get to the bottom.


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