Selfie Sunday

Once upon a time, whilst perusing (stalking) Instagram instead of reading my sensible and far more interesting book (My Brilliant Friend) I stumbled across a mask that intrigued that instagram out of me.

The Blackout mask is produced in Brisbane (which I love because some people I love live in Brisbane too) and is 100% natural, so when you’re having a detox Lola Berry type day, in between chicken nuggets and diet coke it suits your little pores down to a teeny weeny tee. It’s got all hipster requirements covered; being made of: activated charcoal, Aloe Vera and of course Coconut Oil.

I first tried my Blackout mask in a teeny tiny bathroom in Calabria that I was sharing with my mama. I was skin prepping for a special girls wedding where I was spoilt enough to be a bridesmaid, I didn’t tell mum (but I’m sure she knew anyway, thanks to that secret motherly intuition) but I did have a 30 second: “I-have-travelled-to-Italy-to-be-a-bridesmaid-and-my-face-is-died-black-from-the-charcoal-mask-I-brought-from-Australia.” But don’t you fear sweet thing, all you have to do is scrub your face with a washer and some water and even the little bits of coal from the charcoal comes out of the little lines and lumps and bumps of your little face and you really will not be left with residual grey shading for important events like WEDDINGS.

The most fun feature of this round bundle of black is the dear little brush. It makes you feel that when applying this cleansing and purifying charcoal creature you’re pretty much the Banksy of face masks. And then, voila- when it’s dried and removed your skin really is a little bit clearer and sparklier and you really are a little bit more Cara.

You can buy it online, and my friend the little brush comes included. It’s only $15.00 online, and my order arrived the following day. I’m absolutely certain that when you’re having a green smoothie and bliss ball Sunday you’ll really enjoy having this little fella in your bathroom cupboard for #selfiesunday.

O. X


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