Pizza Bar

Pizza Bar opened a year after we had left lovely West Town Geelong and this little lass thinks it is to be applauded for contributing to the ‘cool’ (I’m sure an extremely uncool word) vibe of Pakington Street.
Lad and I went for date night on a warmish Summer night last week, but I had been there not so long ago with my family. When I went with La Famiglia we needed some good Italian loving (after visiting a sick friend) and it provided the warm and relaxed space which when combined with pizza and wine eased some heart ache. I don’t think just everywhere can do this.
Lad and I agreed that it will be an excellent Winter date night, it’s particularly cosy and intimate and with the glow of the wood fired oven, rather WARM.
Our pizzas were great, the bases are perfect, simple, and importantly (well I think importantly) thin. We had ‘the free range chicken pizza’, with chicken, lemon, bacon, sage and pine nuts and ‘the shaved proscuitto’ with prosciutto, tomato, chilli, fior de latte, roquette and anchovy oil. We also had the white anchovy salad, with shaved fennel, fresh orange, white balsamic and black pepper dressing. The salad had a few too many anchovies, but that was my fault- I ordered it to accompany the pizza and it should be a treat to be had on it’s own. The “Pasta Bar Board” was empty, but I suppose you should really be having pizza at ‘Pizza Bar’ anyway.

Pizza Bar is at 240 Pakington Street Geelong West.


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