Where do the wildflowers grow?

When this little lass lived in the land of the never never she missed two things dearly (apart from her lovely loved ones of course). These two things had previously been taken for (stupid) granted and were: a good (bon) soy latte and a beautiful florist.

There were indeed beautiful tropical flowers splattered around the market places and frangipani trees lining the streets whilst littered with those pretty little flowers (sounds rather blissful really). However, there were no tasteful, treat supplying, awe-inspiring florists.

So it was with great excitement that a fateful email put this lass in touch with beautiful Alice from ‘She’s a Wildflower.’ Alice has the most beautiful of styles and does it with friendly sass. She hosted a floral garland lesson for a precious bride and did it perfectly.

This Valentines day I requested a trendy terrarium for my lad from Alice. I nearly cried with delight at its beauty. She delivered to the door, in a beautiful box with a red rose and lad loves his terrarium and its beautiful Deer and ladybird tenants.

Alice can be found on Instagram and Facebook and you won’t regret seeking this talented wildflower out and discovering her treats.







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